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On Vacation

  • Darina - Operations
  • Iryna - Quality Assurance
  • Mark - Finance
  • Eva - Recruiting

Employees make time off requests in seconds.

Employees request time off directly through the platform. Requests are differentiated by absence types (vacation, sick leave, unpaid time off, and more) and go straight to the right people. Employees are notified as soon as requests are approved or denied. It’s as easy as it gets.

Sick leave

  • Florian - Product Manager

Managers green light requests with a click.

Managers immediately receive a notification when their employees request timeoff. They simply click to give the green light or deny the request and their employees are notified. It’s the fastest way we’ve ever seen of managing time off.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

  • Sarah - HR

Know who is on and who is off every day.

Never get caught with all your team leads out of the office at once. The calendar view of all approved and pending time off requests is filterable by department, location, and type of absence. So on any given day, you always know who is on and who is off.

Business trip

  • Dominic - Biz Dev
  • Kelly - Marketing

Get rid of time off confusion with absence balances.

The employee absence dashboard clearly lays out whats available and whats been used for vacation days and other absence types. All absences approved by managers are automatically deducted from balances, so employees are always up-to-date.

Work from Home

  • Milos - Developer

Ready to make more time for time off?