Join us and be an HR hero!

HeavenHR is looking for extraordinary talents.

At HeavenHR we're changing the way companies grow their teams and take care of their employees. It takes a dedicated team of growth hackers, product ninjas, and business gurus to make big changes happen, so we're growing too.

We're authentic.

We're approachable, collaborative, and we love what we do.

We own it.

We are crazy about new ideas and challenges, too.

We play.

We fit play in our day - with lunch outings, pizza parties, and Friday beers.

We have goodies.

We fuel ourselves with chocolate, fruit, coffee, club mate, and beer (on Fridays).

We're people people.

People are at the heart of what we do.

Meet our people.

Our people make the experience at HeavenHR.

Age range

21 - 45 years old

We're old enough to have a wealth of knowledge, but young enough to have fresh perspectives.


16 countries from which we hail

Diverse backgrounds ensure we're always thinking outside of the box.

But, that's not all!

We've also got child actors, cover band front men, water polo goalies, mountaineers, competitive ping-pong players, and ex rice farmers.

Our HR Heroes

and their superpowers.

  • Java Developer

    Turning coffee into code

  • Working student

    Sniffing out talents

  • Business Development Manager

    Sales genius

  • Web Designer

    Beautifying stuff

  • Quality Assurance

    Bug hunter

  • Chief Digital Officer

    Product Ninja