HeavenHR is software that simplifies and automates your HR tasks. You and your employees can access and manage all of your HR processes through a single portal, easily accessible through your browser.
HeavenHR gives your team one place to take care of payroll, vacation, time tracking, onboarding, and reports. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and any changes in one area are automatically pushed to the rest—freeing you up to do what you do best.
It’s not just for your HR team. Employees can access their details and manage their own requests—eliminating the HR e-mail backlog and giving your employees transparency and convenience, in one fell swoop.
HeavenHR offers:
  • Collaborative onboarding, digital contracts, and electronic signatures
  • Time tracking, absence management, and vacation management
  • Payroll
  • Reports and analytics; organizational structures and permissions
Our pricing structure is based on your personal needs, the number of employees in your company and your choice of additional services. For companies with less than 25 employees, our Starter Pack is free! If you would like more information about our pricing and additional services, please contact our consultants for details.
Your data will be securely encrypted and stored exclusively in German data centers that are regularly monitored by independent parties and comply with the strictest privacy policies. By using the latest standards, our partner data centers can ensure reliable availability of all your information. For more information on our privacy and protection, please review our data privacy policy.
Employees can view only their own data through their employee portal. From the company side, there is a super admin account that has the ability to access all of the data across the company. Further accounts can be created that assign permission to certain users to access data by department or location. For example, the head of marketing or managing directors can be given permission to access the data of the employees in the marketing department. For further information about data access, please review our data privacy policy.
No, HeavenHR is completely online and accessible through any browser, on whatever device, whenever you need it.
HeavenHR is flexible and scalable for companies of all sizes and industries.
The integration of your company and employee data is designed to be as simple as possible. We strive to complete the entire integration process as quickly as possible; however, the time required is dependent on a variety of factors.
We are happy to support you with the import of a large number of employees to HeavenHR. Feel free to call us at 030/555 743 990 or e-mail us at info@heavenhr.de.
Yes, employees can access and update their own data through the employee portal. By administering their own data, employees get transparency and convenience, all while reducing the administrative burden on your HR team.
No, there is no special knowledge required. HeavenHR has a very clear interface, designed for intuitive navigation and use. If you have any questions, our customer experience team is happy to help and is available by phone, chat, or e-mail.
You can create and manage international branches on HeavenHR, but we cannot provide all of our additional services offered for every country. If you’re unsure whether we provide additional services in your international branch locations, feel free to contact us at 030 / 555 743 990 or info@heavenhr.com.
No, HeavenHR is ad free.
An employee who does not log in, cannot edit his profile and will not be contacted by HeavenHR. The HR Department can nevertheless organize this employee’s data through the company’s HeavenHR account.
Upon request, we will delete your account and all data associated with it immediately. However, please note that once the account has been deleted, you will no longer have access to the functionalities of the software and it will not be possible to recover your data.


Your data will be stored exclusively in highly secure data centers in Germany. The data centers are operated by renowned partners and regularly updated with the most current technology. All facilities are heavily guarded by trained and certified security guards at all times. Our partners are trusted by government organizations, financial service companies, and health care companies.
We store your data exclusively in highly secure German data centers, with privacy policies among the strictest in the world. You can also request to delete your data at any time.
All of your data will be transmitted and stored in encrypted form. We use an SSL encryption protocol to keep your information safe. This industry-leading technology is also used for online banking and protects against eavesdropping and data tampering. For all data security issues, we comply with the most current and certified security standards.
By using the latest hardware and data center equipment, which include fire detectors and emergency generators, the risk of downtime is reduced to a minimum. In exceptional cases, small disturbances may occur, but immediate action will be taken to ensure quick restoration time.
Our partner data centers are subject to independent audits on a regular basis. They are certified under DIN ISO / IEC 27001 and comply with the data security standards of the credit card industry.

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