Payroll in a breeze!

for 8,5€ per employee per month

Enroll employees from day one, then leave payroll to run itself.

Payroll is automatically set up for all new hires during onboarding. Employees keep their personal details up-to-date themselves and any changes are automatically pushed to payroll.

Monthly pay is automatically calculated on the basis of salary information and time tracked hours.

You can also make one time adjustments for bonuses. Time tracking is integrated and then everything goes to payroll.

When you’re ready, send in your payroll data from the platform with one click.

We do the rest.

We process your data export, calculate taxes, and get your employees paid.

We get rid of time consuming calculations, excel sheets, and tedium. And the best news is that it’s at a cost usually lower than your current provider.

Automatically uploaded payslips for employees and reports for you.

Employees receive digital versions of their payslips in the employee portal. You get copies of employee payslips and digital reports with aggregated data helping you better understand your labor costs.

It’s possible to use the payroll feature on HeavenHR to export to your own payroll provider. But, then you’d be missing out on automatically uploaded payslips and reports!

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