Why is HeavenHR for you?

The HR platform your employees love, the features your HR team needs.

Do what you do best.

When your systems don’t work together, it’s difficult to get things done. HeavenHR gives your team one place to take care of onboarding, payroll, vacation, time tracking, and reports. Any changes in one area are automatically pushed to the rest, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Free yourself

Empower your employees.

Eliminate the HR e-mail backlog and give your employees the transparency and convenience they deserve in one fell swoop. Employees have access to their personal and professional data with features like collaborative onboarding and payslip overview. Vacation and time tracking requests for approvals mean your employees can simply help themselves rather than e-mailing HR.

Give the power

On track for growth.

At every stage of the game, HeavenHR helps you grow by taking care of your team. When it gets hectic, it’s easy to let things fall to the wayside. During the early stages, HeavenHR puts you on track for growth by automatically setting up your HR processes while you find the right team and build your product. At later stages, we keep you on track by optimizing and fine-tuning to make sure you retain your talented team.

Start the journey

Turn up the transparency.

Introducing transparency for both employers and employees. You get features that work together to automatically parse and push data. Access up-to-the-second data on reports, contracts, and employee lists sliced by department and location—giving you insights into your HR you never thought possible. Meanwhile, your employees get fully informed on things like taking time off, their payday details, and how to track hours. Happy you, happy employees.

Transparency for all

Security first.

We value your trust. Our top priority is protecting your data. By adopting the latest security standards and using state-of-the-art encryption, we make sure your information is safe and synchronized. We are your Fort Knox.

Go for safety