Fully automatic prepared payroll based on your digital personnel files. Various options of payroll management either combined with your payroll accountant or directly through HeavenHR - easily with direct contact and consulting service with our payroll experts.

Full automatic prepared payroll

At HeavenHR, we automatically generate your payroll by integrating data of other relevant modules. Every working hour entered in the Time Tracking module or unpaid leave will be then taken into account for your preparatory payroll. The status change of your tax class as well as other modifications of your digital personnel files will not be forgotten either. You can then export all relevant data in any format in one click into DATEV or any other tax adviser.

The payroll feature is fully automatic and can be adapted to your needs.

Electronic payslips for your employees

The automatic upload of digital payslips is a service also available without the preparatory payroll. The payslips are sent monthly to the individual accounts of your employees and remain accessible anywhere at anytime.

The payroll can be checked individually by your employees at any time.

Payroll at an all-in price

Entrust your payroll in the hands of Jan Tänzler, our Payroll expert at HeavenHR. With more than 15 years of experience, Jan has advised numerous companies on their payroll management.
You are still in control of your payroll. Including any service call - your personal payroll accountant is always available.

The payroll guarantees you total control and tidiness.

All benefits at a glance:

Automatic upload of electronic payslips - free yourself from paperwork

Automatic generation of prepared payroll - stop losing time by collecting payroll data.

Your entire payroll at an all-in price with complete control

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