On-Off Boarding

Simplify your employees' on/off-boarding processes by creating templates, setting tasks and assigning them directly to specific people. Be it setting up the new employee account, inventory management or obtaining relevant data from the new employee. You can always see statuses of the tasks.

Define Tasks for onboarding

Define tasks with owner as department heads, HR managers or for the responsible persons. The due dates can be fixed or based on the employee's start or end date of contract.

Define Tasks for onboarding

Define templates for onboarding

Create custom templates with tasks to define the work-flow. The templates are blueprint

Define templates for onboarding

Create To Do's

Use the templates to assign tasks while Onboarding or Offboarding an employee. Owner will see all the tasks as To-Dos.

Onboarding employees with automated tasks

All benefits at a glance:

Create different tasks - with due dates and specific owners

Individuelle Vorlagen kreieren, um den Prozess zu strukturieren

To Do's direkt in den Mitarbeiteraccounts einsehen

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