Performance Management

Targeted employee development - A key not only to achieving the company's goals, but also to increasing employee satisfaction, employee retention and employer branding. As simple as the goal is formulated, however, as difficult it is to identify the potential of each individual employee in everyday working life, to promote him or her in a targeted manner and to develop him or her further. This is exactly where HeavenHR comes in with its Performance Management module. Discover the potential of your team and make it shine!

360° Feedback for an allround View

Let the professional knowledge, performance and social competence of an employee be assessed by those who are best able to assess it: Colleagues, other employees, direct supervisors and, of course, the person being assessed. This gives you a mosaic of different perspectives on an employee's actual performance from an authentic perspective, which is combined into a well-founded and realistic overall assessment. For whom 360° is too much of a panoramic view: Self-evaluations or employee surveys can of course also be carried out with HeavenHR Performance Management.

With HeavenHR Performance Management you can have employees evaluated by other employees and their supervisors in order to obtain a comprehensive picture.

Create individual Questionnaires

Not every employee can be evaluated on the basis of a single, standardized questionnaire. In HeavenHR, you can therefore design completely freely definable, individual questionnaires which, thanks to the Skill-Template-Principle, you can recombine in the twinkling of an eye into ever new questionnaires according to the situation and person. For every position, every person and every project, you will receive targeted evaluations according to your own evaluation scheme.

Create individual evaluation forms with your own evaluation criteria and evaluation system in HeavenHR in an uncomplicated way.

Recognizing Potentials, targeted Promotion

Sound and reliable evaluation data provide a clear picture of each employee's individual strengths, talents and potential. These data are the basis for a targeted and individual promotion of your employees. Recognize at an early stage who you should keep in mind when filling key positions internally and who you should promote in a targeted manner. Concrete targets spur your employees on to peak performance and you can transparently keep track of your employees‘ development in HeavenHR.

In the rating report overview, employees will find your evaluations presented in a compact form. Supervisors are given the right to directly evaluate an employee for immediate feedback.


Sound, individual feedback for employees – Design competence-based questionnaires and carry out 360°-evaluations.

Targeted employee development and motivation – Get to know the strengths and talents of your employees and strengthen their loyalty.

Employee, departmental, and enterprise goals - Set clear goals and track solid planned progress in real time.

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