Expense Management

Expense reporting for business trips: So far a considerable administrative and time consuming effort for both, the employees and the HR department - A tangle of receipts, paperwork, complex documentation and approval processes. With HeavenHR, you can handle your business trip immediately, digitally and paperlessly. The process is documented in a transparent, clear and comprehensive manner.

Plan, Create, Travel

Every journey begins with the first step - and planning with HeavenHR! If you create your trip in HeavenHR during the preparation phase already. This will not only make it easier for you to settle the travel costs later on, but will also facilitate planning your itinerary. HeavenHR structures the expense items clearly. That makes your travel schedule and your expenses easily comprehensible during and after the business trip. Yet, you remain flexible: You can add, change or delete travel data, details and receipts at any time.

With HeavenHR, you can create a structured and individual travel expense accounting template before you start your journey.

Customizable and easy to use

Keep it simple: Time is always scarce on business trips. The input fields for the entry of expenses are therefore concise and clear. The predefined expense categories can be flexibly adapted as required. You simply attach your receipts and proofs to the process by drag-and-drop. HeavenHR is tailored to your individual needs: In just a few seconds, you can create your own templates for daily and hourly allowance rates, which you can later reuse for different employees at any time.

Entries for expense items can be made on the way with just a few clicks. You can attach the receipts as a photo or PDF by drag-&-drop.

Everything centrally in View

HeavenHR makes it easy for you to enter all relevant information and receipts into your system during your business trip. The data is thus available in a standardized form and compactly saved in one place. All details, steps and stops of the itinerary can be traced and checked at a glance. At the end of the trip, you submit the entire accounting with one click to your supervisor for approval. A simple "thumbs up" is all it takes and HeavenHR books the accounting as approved.

The clear display of all expenses and business trips in HeavenHR makes approval child's play with just one click.

Expense Management

Plan and structure business trips in advance – Travel itineraries and expenses remain centrally stored and always in view.

Customizable expense categories and allowance rates – Flexibly adjust all items to your needs.

Immediate and real-time approval process – Managers and authorized users decide on travel expense reimbursement requests with a single click.

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