Shift Planning

Creating shift plans for different departments and locations quickly and flexibly, publishing them promptly and taking into account the individual needs and wishes of employees - an organisational mammoth task with which personnel managers at countless companies are confronted on a daily basis. HeavenHR's intelligent shift planning module enables you to master your personnel deployment planning in a fraction of the time and without any stress. With HeavenHR you can staff your shifts reliably, efficiently and keep it always up-to-date. Every employee gets automatically equipped with his or her personal duty roster!

Much more than planning Shifts

In the dynamic calendar, you can create freely definable shifts within seconds and design entire duty rosters for your company, different locations, individual departments or project groups. But that's not all: With HeavenHR, you can calculate the exact personnel requirements in advance and staff project groups with the right employees. Assign a sufficient number of appropriately qualified and available personnel to each task within seconds. HeavenHR takes care of the time-consuming check of which employees are absent and who has already exceeded their target hours.

HeavenHR offers a simple and accurate overview for planning personnel deployments and shifts.

Complete Freedom in Planning

Regardless of whether you create your shift plan according to days, weeks or months in single, alternating or freely defined shifts, with HeavenHR you can intuitively master every planning task thanks to intelligent and user-friendly functions and tools. Copy entire daily or weekly schedules, optionally with or without tasks and staffing, and adapt them flexibly with just a few clicks. You can publish individual shifts or entire duty rosters in no time at all. If necessary, make subsequent changes and adjustments - HeavenHR will keep your employees updated.

Plan your shifts in HeavenHR Shift Planning directly in the calendar and copy whole shift plans.

Live-Tracking and detailled Reports

Thanks to synchronisation with HeavenHR time tracking, you can check live which shifts are currently active and how many employees are actually staffing the various shifts. Is anyone late? Did someone not show up at all? HeavenHR provides transparency in this regard. Understaffed shifts can be identified at a glance thanks to the user-friendly display in the dynamic calendar, even if an employee is absent at short notice. You will receive suitable alternative suggestions for replacement and rescheduling. In detailed reports, you can evaluate how many person hours were planned and how many were actually worked.

Always keep track with the organized view of employees‘ working hours in real time.

All benefits at a glance

Shift Planning simple, fast and flexible – Create and staff shifts in seconds or copy entire rosters, which you can adjust even after publication.

Employee working hours in real time – Thanks to synchronisation with HeavenHR Time Tracking, you can see at a glance who is present, working overtime or still has target hours available.

Individual and up-to-date duty roster – Every employee automatically receives his roster, stays informed of changes, enters preferences and exchanges shifts with others.

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