HeavenHR makes it easy to integrate time tracking into your business. We offer you different acquisition opportunities for example via a fingerprint or chip. So your employees can easily log in and out.

Integration with HeavenHR

At HeavenHR we offer you a practical all in one solution. Combine your time tracking, shift planning, payroll, recruiting and vacation planning according to your needs. For example you can easily calculate the monthly wages based on the hours recorded by time tracking. Plan your shifts smart. The working hours which are already recorded allow you to see exactly which of your employees has capacity left for this month. This ensures that every employee also works his contractually agreed hours and avoid overtime.


Connect time tracking and payroll

Use HeavenHR and connect your time tracking easily with the payroll in your company. For each employee you will receive a monthly overview, which lists his working hours in detail. Based on this you can quickly calculate the monthly wage. If you use our time tracking, we already have all the necessary data for monthly payroll in our system. This saves you the sometimes very time-consuming collecting of all documents.

Shift Planning & Time Tracking

Connect time tracking with your shift planning. So you see exactly when an employee starts work. In addition, you can prevent potential bottlenecks, because you are always informed whether someone has not appeared to work or is too late. By using time recording in conjunction with shift planning, you can optimally plan your staff and make the best possible use of employee capacities.

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