Whether time recording via RFID (chip), fingerprint or camera - Our terminals from Datafox offer you maximum comfort and time savings. Feel free to contact us to find the terminal that meets the needs of your company.

Which terminal fits your company?

Different needs require different terminals. Here you can find a small selection of what we offer. Do you need another solution for your company? We are always available to to help you find the perfect terminal for your business.


Datafox EVO 4.3 Multi-function terminal

This multifunction terminal sets new standards in time tracking, Data collection and access control. Various options and a customized keyboard layout allow you to use it universally for staff work time logging, production data acquisition, machine data logging and access control of up to 8 doors. Based on the Datafox embedded system and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, data is captured quickly and accurately and immediately transmitted to the evaluation software. With a minimum of time, a high quality and relevance of the data is guaranteed. The terminal can be integrated into any IT solution using Datafox setup and communication tools.

Datafox IPC EVO 7.0 Webterminal

Time recording of the new generation. This device combines the advantages of a time recording terminal with those of a PC. In addition to the standard functions for time management, the PC functionality offers all options for an intelligently networked IT world, from visitor guidance to the workflow for vacation applications and much more. The device is multifunctional and offers many options which ensure a secure data acquisition and a high level of user comfort. The terminal adapts itself individually to your tasks, is cost-effective, offers maximum ease of use and is also dust- and splash-proof.


Datafox Vario 5.7

The Datafox Vario 5.7 is a multifunctional industrial PC for fast Data collection and information reproduction. All Datafox IPCs meet the highest technical requirements and are dust-tight and splash-proof, what makes them suitable for harsh environments such as industry. Due to its scalability and versatile options, the Vario 5.7 fits individually to your tasks. The device is cost-effective and offers a high level of operating convenience.

Datafox EVO 3.5 Pure

This terminal is the variant for price-conscious companies. It supports time tracking, order time recording and access control up to 8 doors. Based on the Datafox embedded system and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, data is captured quickly and accurately and immediately transferred to the evaluation software. Invoices, calculations or other analyzes can be can be done in a timely manner and processes can be tracked, controlled and optimized. There are fewer queries, because employees can directly retrieve all personal information such as vacation, time account, etc.

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