Advantages of digital time tracking

Digital time tracking brings more transparency and efficiency to your business. Save time and avoid fooling around with confusing Excel spreadsheets or paper shift schedules.

What is time tracking?

"Time tracking" stands for different methods by which you can record the working hours of your employees. Both the beginning and the end of the working time will be recorded. Thanks to a time recording system, it is possible to simply record the working times to the minute. The attendance times of your employees are stored and can be evaluated as needed. So from the recorded data you could for example calculate the productivity of your employees and derive improvements in the work processes.


Why use time tracking?

Time tracking is interesting for almost every company. It is only a matter of time before you ask yourself as a company whether you should record and evaluate employees' working hours. The correct recording of working hours plays an important role, for example when it comes to payroll or the exact assignment of working hours to specific projects. In addition, as a company, you need to comply with a variety of legal requirements regarding your employees' working hours.

This is what we offer.

Do you record the working time of your employees in Excel or with time sheets? Reduce your manual work to a minimum and switch to digital time tracking.



The data collection can also be done via RFID (radio-frequency identification). This system consists of a chip containing a distinctive code and a reader for reading that identifier.


Your employees can easily log in via our app at the beginning of their working hours and log out again after work. The app is accessible via desktop or mobile and easy to use.



Use fingerprints for data collection. This system allows you to capture the image of one or more of your employees' fingerprints. Based on the image of the fingerprint, the employee can now be identified and logged in or out.

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