Time Tracking

Flexible check-in and check-out through the software or our fingerprint and chip terminals. Livetrack absences and lateness easily on our dashboard.

Complete livetracking

Check your dashboard to see who is currently working and their position in real time. You can also see who is not present and why. You can therefore manage unexpected absences and you are always one step ahead to deal quickly with any possible bottlenecks.

With the live time tracking you are always aware who is working at the moment.

Access control & check-in

Establish a check-in/check-out process for each department of your organisation

  • online on the software
  • in place with your existing system (e.g. Datafox can be connected with HeavenHR)
  • in place with our fingerprint or our chip terminal
The Check-in can be individually adapted to your requirements.

Export overtime

Overtime can be easily and quickly exported as well as be included in the preparatory payroll. On your dashboard, get a quick overview of who is currently working overtime and who should work more, which will help you dispatch your staff on your shifts accordingly.

With the time tracking tool you are always aware of the overtimes hours of your employees.

All benefits at a glance:

Livetracking function - see directly who is working and who is not

Transmission of working hours to the prepared payroll

Control - working hours are validated by superiors

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