Digital Personnel Files

Store your personal and business documents, contracts, data and payslips reliably according to German safety standards. Each employee has access to his/her own account and can keep it updated.

Le registre du personnel est digitalisé avec HeavenHR

Employee Portal

Give your employees their own login data to their account so they are able to keep their personal data up to date and modify them if necessary. Guaranteed improvement of your personal files.

The employee login is easy to handle and can be modified by them if necessary.

Customizable organizational structure and rights access

  • Build your individual organizational structure
  • Divide it by location and departments
  • Grant individual access
  • Create additional fields
  • Plan scheduled modifications
  • Export all relevant payroll data
The folder and access right can be adjusted individually, for a guaranteed fit to your requirements.

Prefilled documents - generate contracts and important documents faster

The document administration is structured in various categories (e.g. certificates, employee contracts, etc.) You can upload as many documents as you want. By onboarding new employees, you can choose the option "with contract" to automatically generate a contract. We offer diverse standard contracts but you can upload your own ones free of charge. For every onboarding option, the new employee will have the possibility to electronically sign his/her contract online.

You can fill the document folder of the employees with premade contracts or self-created ones.

All benefits at a glance:

Employee - login - all daily updated information thanks to personal employee accounts

including onboarding function - automatically create contracts, digitally sign and save them in one spot

Manage access rights individually - keep your personal data private

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