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Getting started with HeavenHR payroll is very easy! It just takes 3 steps.
4 days
saved, by implementing HeavenHR payroll
15 years
of relevant payroll experience
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no additional costs with HeavenHR payroll

Full-Service according to your wishes - Switch now to HeavenHR

Outsourcing payroll creates the freedom you need to focus on your core business. We guarantee a seamless transition of your current payroll accounting, whereby the transfer of your billing data is of course treated confidentially and professionally supported by our experts.


If you decide to switch to HeavenHR, our payroll team takes care of a quick and seamless transfer of your current payroll accounting.

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  • 1 First, we have a conversation with your existing tax advisor to obtain all company-relevant data from him. For this we send him a master data sheet, which he returns completed. If you use DATEV, an uncomplicated client transfer without filling in the master data sheet is possible.
  • 2 Your data can now be quickly entered into our system.
  • 3 As soon as all your data is complete, we will prepare a first sample payroll for you. Should this not be to your satisfaction, we can make quick and easy changes.


Choose HeavenHR and benefit from the competent expertise of our payroll experts. We offer you a reliable complete solution, with which you can save much time compared to billing in your own company or save a lot of money compared to a tax consultant. A personal contact person is always available for you to answer any questions.

  • 1 We welcome you in the HeavenHR family and send you a master data sheet, which you must return to us completely filled out with all relevant data. As an assistance you will receive detailed instructions with all the information you need to correctly fill the master data sheet. Of course, we are also available for a personal consultation.
  • 2 The data transmitted by you can now easily be entered by us into our system.
  • 3 Once this process is complete, we will prepare your first sample payroll. We can modify and improve this sample payroll together until it meets your expectations one hundred percent.
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Automatic Payroll

Save time for the important processes in your company and automate your payroll. At HeavenHR the salary settings per employee are deposited and our software automatically settles on the deadline.

Electronic Payslips

All payslips can automatically be delivered to your employees via E-Mail or their personal HeavenHR Account.

At a glance

HeavenHR payroll offers every service that a usual payroll provider or tax lawyer offers and is available directly online. Your individual payroll clerk helps you with onboarding your company and registering your new employees at tax office and health insurance.

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