Integration of HeavenHR

Benefits of HR software in connection with payroll

Preparatory payroll with just one click

Using HeavenHR will save you valuable time at the end of the month. By using the digital personnel file, all employee data is always automatically up-to-date and also additional information such as a pre-scheduled bonus or the recorded working time are transferred directly to the preparatory payroll. Therefore you have to check exclusively if everything is calculated as it was planned. Of course you can still make changes at this point, or discuss special cases with one of our payroll experts. So the use of HR software is worth starting from the first day of your company.


Deliver payroll documents automatically

As a company in Germany, you are required to give your employees an accurate statement of their salaries every month. At HeavenHR every employee has their own account in which, as soon as it is available, the payroll documents can be found. This happens fully automatically. So you don't have to worry about one of your employees not being able to find their payroll documents. The documents remain stored in his account and can be viewed and printed at any time.

Exportable to Excel

All salary-relevant data can be exported as an excel file and can therefore not only be evaluated via the HeavenHR software. The entire prepaid payroll can be completed with one click and then be downloaded immediately. Of course, you can also export other relevant employee data such as reports or overtime lists as an excel file.

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